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Joerns Spezialreiniger cleaning & polishing stone
Clean-polish-care-preserve in one step
Particularly suitable for:
washbasins, window frames, hotplates, bath tubs, ceramic hobs, synthetic windows, induction hobs, taps, tiles, marble, mirrors, wind instruments, wheel rims etc.
Joerns Spezialreiniger is the ideal multi-purpose cleaner to make everything sparkle again.


Instructions for use:
Rub a damp sponge across Joerns Spezialreiniger a few times. Pressing lightly on the sponge produces a fine white foam.
Use it to clean everything that you want to make sparkle again. Use a lint-free cloth or clean water to remove the foam and rub dry briefly. Done!
You will immediately have a sparkling surface.

Joerns Spezial-Reiniger is suitable for: stainless steel, enamel, silver, copper, aluminium, brass, acrylic, varnished wood, plastics, glass, etc.

household - leisure - handicraft - industry

Joerns Spezialreiniger contains:
components like stain remover, natural soap, mineral elements, natural oils and fragrances.
Joerns Spezial-Reiniger is non-toxic, acid-free, kind to the skin and harmless for children

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